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We believe in Biblical Truth, and as such we recommend the sites listed below: 
Note: each site can be accessed via live internet streaming, satellite tv or Roku players.

Amazing Discoveries - Watch Now - Roku
Amazing Discoveries™ is a non-profit organization whose mission is to expose deceptions and affirm truth in the areas of science and creation, current world events, Bible Prophecy, the music world, health and nutrition. Their variety of speakers provide uplifting, eye-opening presentations for your spiritual and educational edification.

Amazing Facts - Watch Now - Roku
Amazing Facts is a non-profit, multifaceted, evangelistic ministry that especially focuses on the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14. Beginning as a single radio program dedicated to sharing Christ and changing lives since 1965, it has expanded into television programming, training, lifestyle, educational, health, prophecy seminars and online Bible study ministries.

Hope TV - Watch Now - Roku
The official television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Hope Channel offers programs on wholistic Christian living and focuses of faith, health, relationships, and community. It’s television that will change your life! They produce more than 95 percent of their programs and reach not only across the United States and Canada, but also other countries.

Three Angels Broadcasting Network - Watch Now - Roku
Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is the “Mending Broken People Network,” a 24-hour Christian television and radio network. 3ABN’s focus is to present programming which will reach people right where they are hurting. 3ABN offers divorce recovery programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, cooking and health programs, stop smoking and weight loss, programs that deal with children and family issues, organic gardening, natural home remedies, gospel music programs, as well as a variety of inspirational themes from the Bible for children and adults.

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