Women's Ministries

Ylenis Perez - Head

Women's Ministries Day

Women’ Ministries Sabbath 2023 at Golden Gate All Nations was extra sunny as the sisters, supported by the Golden Gate brothers, all turned up and out in sunflower yellow. 

After a spirit-filled Praise and Worship, Evangelist Kayla Joissaint used an example of how water transforms her Nana’s special store-bought pancake mix into the yummiest “home-made” pancakes to point to the power of God’s Grace to turn our mess into miracles and our brokenness into blessings.  In the sermon titled “Just Add Water,” Sister Joissaint gave a passionate exposition of the story of the Woman at the Well to remind all -- women and men -- of the Living Water that only Jesus could provide.  Of particular relevance to youth, the message of Grace, Transformation, and Purpose also resonated in the hearts of the not-so-young. 

Invited by Women’s Ministries leader, Sister Ylenis Perez, Sister Joissaint is the poster child for the importance of Women’ Ministries, and the urgency of hearing women’s perspectives and interpretation of the Word of God from the Pulpit.